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20 October 2021, 13.00 - 14.00, webinar

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“10 steps to improving your business sustainability” with guest speaker Rondi Allan of Sustainable X

The climate crisis continues to dominate the headlines as the UK is set to host the UNs climate change conference, COP26 in Glasgow this November. New legislation will no doubt be introduced in the future to help us meet our climate commitments and this could have widespread implications for business.

With this in mind, Rondi Allan, co-founder of Hertfordshire based “Sustainable X” will be sharing her 10 steps to improving your business sustainability based on their most recommended Business sustainability actions across all their clients.

Includes virtual networking session.

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Rondi Allan, Sustainable X

Sustainability is a board topic and sometimes, when it comes to business, a difficult one to wrap your arms around. Sustainable X work with businesses in all sectors and of any size to improve their sustainability. We take a business-led approach as we believe businesses will want to improve their sustainability if they can see REAL business impacts and opportunities.

“These are real actions for you to take into your business, today, to make a social, environmental or governance impact, as well as improve your businesses bottom line.”

A former Price Waterhouse Chartered Accountant, with extensive experience across the complete value chain within Businesses. Rondi formerly worked in the USA in SAP implementations and Supply Chain management, and Asia running Manufacturing Plants before landing in the UK. Rondi worked in the UK in Supply Chain, Strategic Purchasing, IT and Sales in Senior management and Board level roles with European responsibility.

Rondi uses this experience to bring sustainability initiatives to life for businesses in the SME sector while ensuring that their businesses are future -proofed and continue to thrive.

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