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SHE Means Business lunch & learn
Wednesday 8 May, 12:30pm - 2.30pm

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Join us in Watford for our next SHE Means Business lunch & learn event on 8th May, when we’ll be joined by Anna Peck and Michelle Stacey, Co Founders and Directors of Marketing Agency Midnight Blue, who will be diving into the world of brand personalities.

Welcome to the vibrant universe of Brand Archetypes, the secret sauce to making your business pop in the bustling entrepreneurial galaxy! Imagine your brand is a character in a blockbuster movie. Is it the daring adventurer, the nurturing guardian, or the life of the party? Just like characters in a story, your brand’s personality can captivate your audience, forge unbreakable bonds, and turn casual browsers into loyal fans.

Understanding Brand Personalities: With 12 classic brand personalities, including The Caregiver, The Ruler, and The Rebel, identifying the one that aligns with your brand can shape your marketing strategies, voice, and branding efforts.

Applying Personalities to Your Branding: Integrating your brand’s personality traits across your branding materials—such as logos, colour schemes, and messaging—helps solidify your brand identity and enhances memorability.

Engaging Your Audience with Personality: Brand personalities influence not just your brand’s look and feel but also how you interact with your audience. From storytelling to social media, embodying your brand’s personality can make customer experiences more engaging and meaningful.


  • Boost Your Brand: Dive into brand personalities to sculpt a standout identity that turns heads and hearts.
  • Connect on a Deeper Level: Use your brand’s unique vibe to deepen bonds, building trust and loyalty with your audience.
  • Smart Marketing: Let your brand’s personality shine through your marketing, ensuring messages hit home with your target crowd.
  • Keep it Real: Pick a personality that mirrors your values for genuine connections and a brand that truly resonates.

By thoughtfully integrating brand personalities into their branding strategy, entrepreneurs can create compelling, memorable brands that not only stand out but also endure.

Free to attend. Includes healthy lunch and networking.

Questions about the event? contact Kirsten Byers on 01923 634252 or email hi@hhllp.co.uk.

We hope you can join us!

Midnight Blue speaking at Hillier Hopkins SHE Means Business Event

Midnight Blue is an award-winning branding agency – a collective of creative and strategic marketeers with more than 30 years’ experience. We build local brands of the future through a dynamic brand strategy, turning it into reality through design, copy and marketing. Companies choose us because we get to the heart of their issues, using creativity and fresh thinking to solve them. And we partner with local businesses, so we can help the community we know and love thrive.

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SHE Means Business Networking Event at Hillier Hopkins office in Watford


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