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The ever-increasing burden of payroll legislation has become problematic for many businesses. Outsourcing your payroll to our experienced team ensures you avoid the pitfalls and penalties of non-compliance.

Reliable and accurate

Paying your employees correctly and on time is an essential ingredient in ensuring that they stay motivated and productive. Your employees expect their pay to be right, when errors occur it can cause major problems for you and your staff. Our expert payroll team use the latest payroll technology and processing methods and offer a complete and confidential service including:

  • A dedicated experienced team member responsible for your company payroll
  • A choice of how your payroll data is sent and received, including email and our own secure Document Management facility
  • An agreed payroll processing timetable
  • All Statutory requirements including PAYE, NIC, SSP, SMP, SPP and SAP
  • Processing of Student Loans where appropriate
  • BACS Processing including H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) & third party payments
  • Provision of highly secure datamailer payslips, or self service electronic payslips
  • A set of standard management reports in various formats
  • Ensuring you stay up to date with ever changing PAYE legislation
  • Production and distribution of P60’s at tax year end
  • Full support for payroll related queries
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business protection

Expatriate Payroll

Our payroll software also includes an Expatriate option providing a comprehensive solution for processing the complex requirements of inbound ex-pats – it is the only purpose designed expatriate payroll package on the market today, and is used by many of the UK’s leading bureaux, financial institutions and international corporates.

PAYE Compliance Health Checks

There has been a dramatic rise in penalties for non-compliance of current legislation as companies fail to keep up with the changes. Many businesses simply do not have the in-house resources to ensure continued compliance. Payroll now includes much more than the deduction and paying of tax and national insurance. Recent changes to legislation have included deduction of Student Loans, and the EC Working Time Directive. We can assist in reviewing your wage and salary records with a view to identifying possible areas of non-compliance with PAYE & NI regulations. If a visit is made we can advise on, and assist in, negotiating a settlement with H M Revenue & Customs.

Contractor Industry Scheme processing and reporting

If you’re a contractor under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) there are certain rules you need to follow. Our payroll software was one of the first major payroll packages to receive HMRC recognition for the online filing of returns and verification requests.

We can therefore deal with all elements of your CIS scheme including verifying your new subcontractors, making deductions from their payments, producing payment statements and submitting your online monthly CIS returns. If necessary we can even handle the payments to HMRC for deductions made from subcontractors.

A huge weight off my mind

"Since Hillier Hopkins took over our payroll it has been a huge weight off my mind. They have been especially helpful with my various queries and I'm really happy with the service. "
Nick Holroyd-Doveton, OMNIFI