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Extended Loss Carry Back Claims – COVID-19

How do I pay staff?

Do I need to register with HMRC for PAYE?

How do I claim back tax?

How do I declare my second income?

GP expenses – what will HMRC allow?

What taxes does a business pay when employing staff?

What Taxes Does a Business Have to Pay on its Trading Activities?

What is the CITB Levy for Construction Activities?

What are the advantages of a limited company?

How do I set up a limited company?

What is the flat rate scheme for VAT (contractors)?

What expenses can I claim as a contractor?

What is IR35 and The Settlements Legislation?

Employer covenant reviews

What are AAF 01/06 assurance reports?

Does my FCA regulated firm need a statutory audit?

What are Client Money and Custody Asset (CASS) Assurance Reports?

How do I account for the Government’s Coronavirus support?

Making Tax Digital FAQs

What are SDLT Grazing Rights?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) saving opportunities

Job Retention Scheme FAQs

What do all these customs terms and abbreviations mean?

Am I getting the right returns on my investment?

Are my investments and strategy right for me?

What is all this about an on-line tax account I have read about?

What is research and development tax relief?

Are you planning on selling a property in the UK as a non-resident?

I have just arrived in the UK – how do I register for tax?

How long can I spend in the UK without becoming a resident?

What are furnished holiday lettings?

I sold a property this year and HMRC say I need to do a tax return?

I have just started a business, do I need to complete a tax return?

Suppose I make gifts to charity?

Is it not very expensive to use trusts?

Are trusts just for dodgy tax schemes?

Can I give away everything while I am still alive?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT): Q&A

What are SDLT opportunity knocks?

What are mixed-use and multiple dwellings relief?

Are some audits better than others?

Why might I need a UK holding company?

What is non-residential capital gains tax on UK properties?

What expenses can I claim as a residential landlord?

End of wear and tear allowance for 2016 – 17

How do we prepare for a successful annual audit?

LLP v Limited Company – what’s best?

Why should I have an exit strategy, I’m not retiring yet?

How long will it take me to sell my business?

What’s the best way to incentivise staff?

How can I increase the value of my business?

Does my business qualify for EIS or SEIS?

How do I choose the right source of finance option for my business?

Am I getting the information I need?

Are my accounting systems fit for purpose?

What is Land Remediation Relief?

Electric vehicles

What are taxable employment benefits and expenses?

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

What are Trivial Benefits?

How are the research and development guidelines applied to software?

What is research and development and which costs qualify?

How do I reduce my company’s tax bills for R&D?

Does my business qualify for the Patent Box scheme?

What is the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)?

What is Business asset roll over relief?

How do Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) work?

What is EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme)?

How can I claim Capital Allowances on properties?

What is Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (“ATED”)?

How do I recover foreign EU VAT?

I want to do business overseas, but it all looks so complicated?

Is it a good idea to buy a property within my company?

Can you help me agree a payment plan for corporation tax?

Why has HMRC told me to pay VAT monthly?

Why am I paying tax quarterly?

Is my company paying too much tax?

Does an audit create problems or solve them?

How does an audit add value?

Is there an alternative to an audit?

Can I have assurance without paying for an audit?

How can an audit help me?

Does my company need an audit?

What is an audit and why may I need one?

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