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In 2020, Hillier Hopkins was the first UK firm to join TGS, a young, dynamic and rapidly growing community of professional firms. TGS shares a similar ethos of friendly expertise and sustainable development.

With access to a wide range of international colleagues and expertise we can help our clients seize opportunities for overseas growth and expansion. We also represent the UK on a global stage, playing an active role in the development of TGS and offering expertise and support to our TGS friends and their clients around the world.

About TGS

With professional staff in 58 countries, multidisciplinary TGS member firms support clients by designing global, sustainable solutions and providing a one-stop-shop for business advisory, audit, tax, legal and accounting services. Their expertise fuels local and international growth, informs innovation and positions clients in the marketplace, safeguards businesses against financial and organisational risks and helps to value and maintain assets.

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TGS means Think Global Sustainability

"TGS is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact on Sustainable Development Goals, and is a lead contributor to EU policy on sustainable development. Our membership reflects our growing commitment to the SDG’s."
Jonathan Franks, Hillier Hopkins Principal

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    Hillier Hopkins is an independent member of TGS, an international network of professional business advisors and signatory of United Nations Global Compact. As a separate and independent legal entity to TGS, Hillier Hopkins is solely responsible for the work it carries out and services it provides to its clients. TGS and the other members of the Network are not responsible and have no liability for the acts or omissions of Hillier Hopkins and Hillier Hopkins has no liability for the acts or omissions of other member firms.