James Johnson

Milton Keynes
James works closely with clients, providing help and assistance with on-going accounting and tax issues.

James is a chartered accountant and has over twenty five years experience in accountancy and taxation.

His particular expertise focuses on Entrepreneurial and Family Businesses.

James works with two types of clients, those who simply want to make sure that they are compliant, and their accounts are correct, that they are paying the right amount of personal and business taxes, their payroll is done correctly, and VAT returns too.

His other clients also want to use those numbers and more to help them achieve their business goals. James supports them with their cash flow, budgets and business plans so the more they know and understand their numbers the more resilient they will be and in a good position.

His clients recognise their success will be underpinned by having the financial information available to them on a regular basis, we help with this by using Xero and have converted many clients to Xero over the last year.

A must for James is an in-depth knowledge of his clients’ business, their clients and suppliers and the challenges they are facing as well as the products and service that his clients provide. He always provides a highly personal service and bring his depth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

In recent years much of his work has been helping entrepreneurs and family businesses through different stages of their life cycle. To not only know their numbers and achieve their goals but how to access the right finance, how to achieve their business goals, Business Valuation, support their R and D Tax Credits and Patent Box claims and develop employee share ownership schemes.

James became a Principal at Hillier Hopkins on 1st April 2022.

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