Can I have assurance without paying for an audit?

Certainly you can.  In fact, we actively encourage clients which are exempt from audit to seek assurance from us on the areas that matter to them.  We do this at the same time as preparing your accounts by carrying out what is called a Limited Assurance Report.

There are several types of these reports including reports on internal controls, or on specific issues such as asset values, bank covenants and the like.  These reports are made for you, tailored to meet your requirements and we can repeat the same thing each year or report on different things each year.

The purpose of these reports may be to give you comfort, or may be to help you comply with a regulator or even a bank which has specific lend requirements.  Our objective is to help you to meet the requirements of modern business, however it may arise.

To find out more, call us on +44 (0)330 024 3200 and speak to one of our ​audit experts.

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