Does an audit create problems or solve them?

The truthful answer is, maybe.  An auditor is there as an independent person to give a statutory report.  In doing so, it has been said that an auditor has many roles:

  • An investigator, looking for problems (though his intention is to prove that there are none).
  • An accuser: he will ask you what happened once he does find a problem.
  • A defender: he will seek a way to find that a problem has been or can be resolved.
  • A juror: he will decide in the end whether the problem he has found is a problem or is not a problem as a matter of fact.
  • A judge: finally, if a matter does need reporting, he will determine how it is to be reported.

Yet within all this, our auditors want to solve your problems.  They cannot solve problems if they cannot find them, so it is actually in your interest that they find problems and then solve them.

What our audit team will not do is create a problem that did not exist in the first place!

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