How does an audit add value?

An audit involves an experienced accountant getting under the skin of a company.  Our audit teams, led always by a Principal called a “Senior Statutory Auditor”, delve into all the dirty and clean linen of a company.  We will obviously never find everything that is happening, but by the end of the audit, we need to understand your company as well as any outside can.

We will have discussions with you and your staff about your company, its business, its clients, its aspirations and its successes and failures.  We will be able to discuss with you all manner of subjects and will be able to apply them to you in the context of your business.

Few advisers, if any, can boast such detailed and in depth understanding of your company as your auditor.  With such a wealth of knowledge, your auditor is someone you should turn to for help in almost any context.

To find out more, call us on +44 (0)330 024 3200 and speak to one of our ​audit experts.

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