Is my company paying too much tax?

The government, and certain papers (in a somewhat hypocritical manner) would have us believe that you can never pay too much tax!  We think that there is, however, a difference between tax and charitable giving, and we see our role as making sure that the tax you pay is the minimum that you need to pay, and no more.

When we deal with your business’s taxation, we will use our knowledge of your business to ensure that you receive allowances for everything that you can and we will always take a positive stance in obtaining relief.  We have been remarkably successful in challenging HMRC practices, including, for example, rescuing losses brought forward on a sale of a business.

Our business tax team is always focused on lawful and ethical reduction of tax to the proper amount required by law, and no more!

To find out more, call us on +44 (0)330 024 3200, and talk to one of our business tax experts.

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