What are the advantages of a limited company?

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The prospect of going from receiving a monthly payslip to becoming a fully-fledged company director and shareholder can seem daunting. Many of our clients told us that they felt the same way when they began.

This is why our contractor accounting service is designed to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible. Our contractor accountancy offering eliminates the trouble of running a limited company, leaving you to enjoy the many benefits:

Maximise your contracting income

Limited company contracting enables you are able to take home more of what you earn by minimising your tax liabilities. The first step to achieving this is tax-efficiently structuring the way in which you receive remuneration from your company, which our contractor tax experts can assist you with.

Recoup your expenses

Another way to save tax is to claim back business expenses that you have incurred. Limited company contracting typically affords you a wide range of legitimate expenses, including your own fees. Deducting expenses from your limited company profits can significantly reduce your tax liability.

Take charge of your financial affairs

As director and shareholder, you are in complete control of your financial affairs. With our specialist contractor accountants’ expert advice, this financial freedom can yield even greater tax efficiencies. Tax savings can be achieved by something as simple as strategic timing of remuneration, or even savvy investments or pension contributions.

Limited company contracting – begin your journey with Hillier Hopkins

We aren’t just contractor accountants at Hillier Hopkins. Our experts specialise in contractor tax planning and wealth management, and our service is fine-tuned to help our clients capitalise on every tax saving opportunity available. By enlisting our help, you can share in our valuable expertise for a mere fraction of your limited company earnings.

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