Early risers earn two-thirds more than snoozers

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Getting out of bed early can help you earn an extra £15,000 a year, according to a new business survey.

Entrepreneurs who can leap out of bed before 7 am every day earn an average £36,500 a year compared to the £21,300 picked up by later risers.

The study was funded by blinds firm Hillarys to see if making the effort to tip out of bed at the crack of dawn really paid off – and they were surprised to discover early birds really do prosper.

Researchers asked what time people rolled out of bed and found just over one in three (37%) are up by seven while the rest stay under the covers for an hour or two longer on an average morning.

Next, the study looked at the relationship between getting up and staying in bed aft 7 am and found the trend was for early risers to earn almost two-thirds more on average then snoozers who grabbed a lie in.

They also asked early risers what they did to fill the extra time and most responded they got on with work-related tasks, while the rest worked out or prepared food for later in the day.

A surprising one in 10 early risers got up before seven to spend extra time choosing their outfit for the day.

Another question revealed that those who got up early also averaged more jobs – working in 11 different roles compared to five for the late risers.

Helen Turnbull, speaking for Hillarys, said: “In most cases, you get out of life what you put into it and getting up earlier gives you more time to achieve during the day. So these findings really highlight the fact that if you want to earn more then you’ll have to produce more.”