Five surprising things that can happen when you attend a business event

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Pick any day of the week and you can find a range of great business seminars, conferences or networking events happening near you. But with ever increasing demands on our time, it is often hard to justify taking time out for a seminar or talk. However, for business owners and executives, there are clear benefits to be had by investing a little time each month in this vital activity.

1 Productivity goes up

It may seem counter-intuitive when your to-do list is as tall as you are, to leave work and take a few hours out. However, your productivity often increases as a direct result of attending a business event. The people you meet and speakers you listen to often motivate you to make things happen and you will often return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm. It is so easy to slip into dealing with the day to day minutiae, but much of that doesn’t move your business forward. Meeting other like minded people or listening to an expert speaker will inspire you to be less “busy” and more “productive” by focusing on the things that really matter.

2 Brand awareness increases

Most seminars and conferences offer an opportunity to network with other delegates and attendees. Over time, all the people you meet and conversations you have will significantly increase your visibility and your company’s brand awareness. How often do you recall a company from an email they sent you last week? But a great conversation you had with someone at an event – you’ll probably remember them and their company for quite some time. Plus, if the conversation was particularly memorable you may even tell others about them – bingo!

3 Problems are solved

It’s unlikely that the problems you are experiencing in your business are unique. In fact, a number of the people at the next business event you attend have probably been through the same thing and found ways to resolve them. Great business networkers, are often generous sharers – sharers of ideas, of experience, of solutions and best practice. It’s like group therapy for entrepreneurs. Talking to others about your challenges can help you feel less isolated and people will often help you with strategies to try or recommend experts who could help you overcome them.

4 Innovation happens

Almost every event I have ever attended has given me one brand new tip or sparked at least one idea. Sometimes it happens whilst listening to experts, sometimes it comes out of a conversation with another delegate, from reading a book that was recommended, or even from an exhibitor at a show. Giving yourself some space and time out of the business and exposing yourself to new ways of thinking and other perspectives will always help you be more creative. Bring that creative thinking back to work and you just might get that breakthrough you’ve been trying so hard to get for years.

5 You have fun!

Yes, you might just enjoy yourself too. Organisers are clamouring to come up with events to attract your attention. Experience some great hospitality, food and drink, take in a new venue and learn something new. It’s good to get out there, so go on!

Hillier Hopkins run and co-sponsor a number of business events throughout the year. Coming up are:

  • SHE Means Business, a lunch & learn for women entrepreneurs – Watford
  • Breakthrough Breakfast – Milton Keynes
  • Business Growth Breakfast – Watford
  • Negotium Breakfast – Hemel Hempstead
  • Drop in Clinics – Milton Keynes

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For detail of other events near you, check out your local chamber of commerce, networking groups or listings on EventBrite.