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We are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the Tax Able podcast, which is written and presented by our own Tash (Natasha Heron). As one of our team of friendly experts, Tash gives you a valuable yet manageable insight into how some of the key taxes work and empowers you to make better decisions and know when to seek advice. Her enthusiastic approach to tax transforms it from the traditional dry, dull and depressing topic best avoided by everyone who doesn’t wear a bowler hat, to a living part of your everyday life and how it affects you. That is the friendly part of friendly expertise.

Natasha said: “It has been a dream of mine to start a podcast about tax so I couldn’t be happier that this project is finally coming to life”.

There are 12 episodes in the first series of Tax Able – “Back to Basics” and the first 7 topics that Tash will be coving are:

  1. Knowledge is power – Listen now

Granted most people do not consider tax the most exciting subject but if you have ever received a large or unexpected tax bill I am sure it will have become a subject close to your heart. This episode will explain why it is important to understand how tax will affect your business and why a good relationship with your tax adviser will pay dividends.

  1. How to crack the Christmas tax code – Listen now

With Christmas around the corner this episode will cover the tax efficient ways to reward customers and staff with festive gifts and pointers for your all-important Christmas party.

  1. HMRC the elusive beast

HM Revenue & Customs is a Government body responsible for the collection of taxes. You may have heard of it but do you know where to find guidance? What powers do they have? Should you provide the information in its letters?  This episode will cover HMRC’s guidance, powers, and how legislation is implemented.

Release date 20 December 2021

  1. It’s my money, I’ll spend if I want to

It is your company so you can spend the profits as you like? Well no, it’s actually the company’s money which is a different legal identity so tax will be charged in one form or another. This episode will cover the different options available for extracting money from a company and the implications.

Release date 27 December 2021

  1. January Blues

Christmas is over, you are back at work and to top it off, if you are eligible, you have to submit your tax return (and pay any liability) to HMRC by 31 January. We will look at your tax return in more detail and consider the implications of the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS), cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Release date 3 January 2022

  1. Should you put a ring on it?

Perhaps you are thinking of taking the plunge and may propose to your significant other. Tax probably isn’t the deciding factor but there are tax benefits available to those who get hitched.

Release date 10 January 2022

  1. Go Green for Greta Thunberg

Thinking of making a change? Electric cars are the future and certain benefits are exclusively available for these vehicles.

Release date 17 January 2022

Where you can listen to the podcast:

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Or simply search Tax Able with Tash into your favourite app to listen.

To find out more about Tax Able with Tash or to subscribe to the podcast, click here to visit her website.