It’s true – working does make you feel ill!

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Running a small business can make entrepreneurs sick with worry as they work an average 13 hours longer on the job than most other workers.

Some entrepreneurs put in even longer shifts – with 370,000 working more than 60 hours a week and 94,000 putting in more than 80 hours a week.

Unsurprisingly, more than one in four blame their workload for feeling run down.

A new survey suggests 1.3 million of the nation’s 4.8 million small business owners have health issues resulting from running a business and that half of them suffer from mental health problems.

The hours worked by entrepreneurs also seems to depend on where they live.

The research by Bisdaq, a web site that advertises small businesses for sale, found entrepreneurs in the north are twice as likely to have poor health as a result of working long hours than those in the south.

Only 8% in the south felt their work affected their health, while just over a third in the East Midlands complained their health suffered due to self-employment.

Entrepreneurs also disclosed their families bore the brunt of their long hours as well, with almost none out of 10 with children aged under 18 having stay at home holidays rather than going away.

Sean Mallon, CEO of Bizdaq, said “The fact that so many small business owners are struggling is astonishing and really shows the need for the government to do more to support the backbone of the British economy. Now more than ever, the UK needs strong small businesses.

“Abolishing Business Link and the regional adviser program in 2010 left a vacuum in small enterprise in the UK. Where small business owners previously felt the benefits of having a local support network, there are currently no services where owners can turn to.”

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