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SATIS, London based investment advisers and one of the Hillier Hopkins family, have once again earned certification from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC (CEFEX). They were first awarded the CEFEX certification back in 2016, when they were one of only two firms in the UK to have passed these rigorous tests. The certification is only granted by CEFEX to firms that demonstrate adherence to fiduciary best practices. This award confirms SATIS’s status as among the most trusted investment advisory firms in the world.

Ben Sherwood, Director of SATIS said, “We are delighted to have earned the CEFEX certification again. It recognises our continuous dedication to the highest standards of care which is why our clients place a great deal of trust in us.”.

SATIS was subject to a rigorous, multi-month audit and certification process guided by the “Prudent Practices® for Investment Advisors”, an industry-recognised handbook that is grounded in law, regulation and professional best practices.

SATIS is certified for ‘Wealth Management advisory services for high net worth clients engaged in systematic investment strategies’. You can view our certification here or by visiting and searching for SATIS.


Satis aim to provide a simple, enjoyable wealth management experience that provides clients with long lasting peace of mind and confidence in their financial position.

Their clients typically have complex wealth planning needs and therefore the services they offer reflect this. They specialise in retirement planning, investment structuring, income sequencing, charitable giving and estate planning. As Chartered Accountants, they provide clients with the opportunity to bring their tax planning to Satis to be structured alongside their wealth management.

They also offer a comprehensive tax and wealth management service to US and overseas citizens who may be resident in the UK, but still have assets and tax filing obligations in the US or other jurisdictions.

In all areas that Satis advise, they pride themselves on taking a fiduciary duty towards their clients. This means that as the financial planner they act in the best interest of their clients at all times and their advice and actions are performed to meet their clients’ needs as opposed to their own. It means that they do their best to make sure their advice is made using accurate and complete information to allow the advice they provide to be as complete and appropriate as possible.

This commitment to fiduciary duty has been recognised by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence who have made Satis one of a small number of firms within the UK to be certified for Investment Advisor Fiduciary Excellence.

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About CEFEX®:

CEFEX®, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC, a Fi360® company, is an independent certification organization. CEFEX works closely with industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve the fiduciary practices of investment stewards, advisors, recordkeepers, administrators and managers. CEFEX is based in Pittsburgh, PA. Learn more at via Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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Ben Sherwood - Prinicipal at Hillier Hopkins

Ben has more than 30 years experience in financial services and his key areas of expertise are consultative wealth management including portfolio design and management. He is one of the founders and a Director of Satis Wealth Management, one of the Hillier Hopkins family.

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