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There are many benefits of entering business awards. It is a great opportunity for your business to be recognised and awarded for your achievements. Finding awards that fit your business can be difficult as there are so many to choose from. However if you are a Hertfordshire based business the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards would be a good one to enter. The awards are run by the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Hillier Hopkins is one of the headline sponsors. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits of the awards and have heard from award entrants and winners over the years about the impact it has had on their business. Here’s a rundown of just some of the reasons why you should enter the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards 2020:

Increased employee motivation

Entering business awards are a great way to recognise the hard work from your employees. Past winners at the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards have often talked about how positively it has impacted their team. They have seen an increased boost in morale and high spirits.

Networking opportunities

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce run an “Entering is winning – Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards Entry Workshop”. This provides a great opportunity to network with others who are also entering the awards as well as giving you some handy tips on putting together a winning entry. As well as the workshops, the awards provide a great chance to network with all of the Hertfordshire business community, this is your chance to get your ideas in front of them and even ask for some friendly advice. You may also build some relationships which may come in handy in the future.

PR opportunities

If you were to win one of the awards you would benefit from media coverage in the local, regional and trade press as well as on the radio. The winners will also benefit from social media coverage. You will be given the opportunity to use the winner’s logo on any of your marketing material. Even if you are shortlisted, you can use the shortlisted logo and send out press releases and client communications about being shortlisted.

Recognition of your expertise

This is a great chance to showcase your business and its achievements to local businesses and other professionals in the industry. Share your story of success and the hurdles that you have overcome. This will help you to take stock and realise how far you have come and sometimes helps you to clarify why you stand out from other businesses.

Stronger positioning against your competitors

If you are to win an award it can provide you with the ‘edge’ when potential customers are comparing you to your competitors. If your services have been recognised and valued by the judges, you gain a stronger positioning. Visibly showcasing your award may therefore increase your chance of being chosen over your competitors.

The Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards 2020 launch is taking place on 23rd January 2020. Here you will get to meet the category sponsors, past winners and finalists and find out more about the awards night.