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The ESFA have published a guide on how to submit your signed financial statements for 2016 to the ESFA. It’s a brief 23 pages and requires you to access the ESFA portal using your login and password.

Please remember that you will need to complete the “accounts submission coversheet” as part of this process, and it is important that this is filled in correctly. If you have any questions during this process please do not hesitate to ask us for further advice.

This short online form can be found by clicking here, and scrolling about half way down the page to the section entitled “Submitting your academy trust’s 2015 to 2016 accounts to ESFA”

There are two documents that need to be uploaded with the coversheet, the financial statements and the management letter, both of which we will send you as PDFs once the audit is complete.

The annual deadline for filing these documents remains the 31st December.

Please make sure you keep your submission receipt in case of problems.

If you require any assistance or guidance on this please contact our academies and schools specialist Alex Bottom.

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