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Our Sublime Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping team was set up to help our clients automate their accounting function. Our goal is to ease your administrative burden whilst harnessing the deeper insights that are available when collaborating on the cloud with real time information.


This is where it all started for us, and something that we see as absolutely fundamental to all businesses that want to be able to use their accounting records to drive business insights. Our approach to bookkeeping is to set up systems, processes and workflows to automate whatever is possible. This makes life easier for you whilst also giving you the ability to have up-to-date accounting records, something that in the past would be next to impossible without a dedicated inhouse resource. 

We automate operations using the best software on the market. Our clients are typically set up on Xero as a base bookkeeping product with a number of connected applications, such as Dext Prepare or Precision, plus any industry specific or operationally specific apps. Every business is different so we always consider your individual needs and pain points. 

Management accounts

Once you have up-to-date books, meaningful business insights can be drawn from the underlying bookkeeping data. Whether we do the bookkeeping, or you do this inhouse, our team can assist you in generating accurate and useful management information. 

We have a number of standard management packs which are a great way to begin gaining a better understanding of your business’s financial performance. We appreciate that your business is unique and has its own particular key performance metrics, so we work with you to create bespoke management templates that show you exactly what you want to see. With your records in the cloud, there are a host of connected apps that can show your data in a plethora of different formats from dashboards to visual graphs to KPI stats. Please find attached a copy of our basic management accounts that we use with our clients as a starting point before customizing to specific client requirements. 

Cloud migration services

In order to start getting the benefits that come from being on the cloud, the first step is migrating your bookkeeping data on to the cloud! We offer several separate packages from the most basic bringing across the trial balance at a given date all the way to full migration of transactional data and set up of a full application stack to allow you to hit the ground running from day one. 

Review and transformation of finance function / App Stack

Xero is an extremely powerful accounting tool, however it is only the start of what can be achieved in a full application stack. Xero was built with an open API meaning additional software vendors have been able to build products that link into Xero which provides enhanced or additional functionality, which the base Xero product does not. In simple terms you could consider Xero as your hub like an iPhone or Android that connects with an app store which has all of your different applications. 

We assist you in reviewing your internal accounting systems and make recommendations on area’s for improvement to solve pain points or to just drive efficiency even further. 

Some of the most popular classes of applications our clients use are: 

  • Data capture tools 
  • eCommerce 
  • Credit control 
  • Reporting (inc cashflow) 
  • CRM 
  • Job tracking 

This is a small sample as there are literally over 1,000 different financial apps connected to Xero’s app store. 

"Everyone in the Sublime team is passionate about cloud, driving efficiency and ultimately solving your accounting problems. Whatever the pain points in your current accounting system, please just reach out to see how we may be able to help you, it’s what we do!"
Alex Skipper- Cloud Accounting Director
Sublime Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping service from Hillier Hopkins, Chartered Accountants in Watford, London & Milton Keynes

Xero training

Being on a slick system means nothing if you don’t know your way around it! That’s why we offer a number of different training options for our clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of their bookkeeping package. This is also an opportunity for us to make suggestions on supplementary apps that may deliver additional functionality and solve any challenges you are having. 

We offer bespoke training based on your specific requirements or we also offer an out of the package training solution for those who have never used Xero before up to more advanced users. Our ‘Xero to Hero’ workshop offering includes the following: 

  • The Dashboard   
  • Sales Invoicing   
  • Purchase Invoicing   
  • Contacts  
  • Bank   
  • Report 
  • Payroll  

We would go through these area’s detail, and this can be attended by as many or as little of your team as required. We invite our clients to ask specific business use cases so we can make recommendations on the most efficient ways to deal with specific postings. We typically run this as two, two-hour sessions to ensure that everyone can stay engaged and that you get the most value from the training.  

The price for this bespoke training session if £400.00 + VAT when held remotely or at one of the Hillier Hopkins offices, should you wish us to come to you there may be an additional charge dependent on the location. It’s also worth noting that remote sessions will always be recorded therefore you can always refer back to this!

For a taster overview of Xero, why not check out our Xero to Hero webinar where our experts provide explanation to help you learn all of the core skills that you need to start using Xero day-to-day.


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