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“How podcasts can help you to market your business” 20 April 1-2pm

We created SHE Means Business as a free bi-monthly lunch & learn event to support entrepreneurs in Hertfordshire. They are relaxed and friendly events where you can hear from a variety of speakers with opportunities to network and make new contacts.

A supportive networking group for ambitious entrepreneurs, growing businesses and those wanting to learn and develop their skills

  • Opportunity to network and connect with link minded individuals in a relaxed environment
  • Chance to learn new skills (soft and hard)
  • Speak to accounting experts, we offer everyone the chance to book a 30 minute session with one of our friendly experts
  • Opportunity to come and present at one of our upcoming sessions
  • Enjoy a healthy and nutritious lunch when held in the office (Events are currently being held online until we are able to get together in-person again)

Got a question about tax, accounts or payroll? We offer a free 30 minute consultation with one of our friendly experts for all attendees. Just let us know when registering for an event.

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Liz Wicks, SHE Means Business host

“Many small business owners become entrepreneurs to have flexibility and be at home around family life. I noticed from attending early morning and evening networking events that many talented individuals, often women, were not present, so I wanted to create an event that was easily accessible for all and had a culture of support, understanding and encouragement.

I was also very mindful that it is easy to ask a question when ‘you know you don’t know’ something, but what about when you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’? That’s when it’s easy to fall into difficulty. I wanted an event where attendees could take away more than just business cards, and my target has always been that if just one person has a moment where they say ‘ah ha, that’s something I can do immediately to benefit my business’ then I deem the event a success.”

Here’s a selection of past events:

Contact Kirsten Byers, or 01923 634252 for more information about these events

"Enjoyable & informative"

"Thanks all for a very enjoyable and informative event. It was an extremely worthwhile couple of hours"
Abi Hall, Girarkle Marketing

"Fab networking event"

"A fab networking event - so refreshing to attend a meeting which not only adds value but attracts professional business people"
June Cory, My Mustard

"Great group of people to network with"

"Excellent event with interesting speakers on relevant topics - great group of people to network with"
Philippa Taylor, Feel Fab Direct

"Informal & relaxed atmosphere"

"A great opportunity to network in an informal & relaxed atmosphere with informative & relevant business presentations. Good food too!"
Helen Say, CBL Services