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Tax doesn’t have to be boring and dry, this podcast will get you excited and interested in tax. In the 15 minute podcast Tash will take a small bite-sized topic in order to demystify the tax world. This is essential listening for business owners and entrepreneurs.

We are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the Tax Able podcast, which is written and presented by our own Tash (Natasha Heron). As one of our team of friendly experts, Tash gives you a valuable yet manageable insight into how some of the key taxes work and empowers you to make better decisions and know when to seek advice. Her enthusiastic approach to tax transforms it from the traditional dry, dull and depressing topic best avoided by everyone who doesn’t wear a bowler hat, to a living part of your everyday life and how it affects you. That is the friendly part of friendly expertise.

Season 1 - Back to Basics

Tash will be discussing the tax implications of twelve different topics. Tax can be overwhelming so each topic has been broken down into bitesize pieces to get you thinking about the implications for your business.

Knowledge is Power

How to crack the Christmas Tax Code

HMRC the Elusive Beast

It's my money, I'll spend if I want to

January Blues

Should you put a ring on it?

Buy the Whole Kit & Caboodle

Death by Paperwork

Go Green for Greta Thunberg

Home Office Advice

Consciously Uncoupling

Let Us Entertain You

What in the Rishi Sunak was that?

Season 2 - Industry deep dive

Tash will be getting into the nitty gritty of particular industries this season. She’ll be talking to business owners and sharing her insights to help explain and demystify industry specific taxes and jargon.

Deep Dive into the Aesthetics Industry

An audience with Dr Benji Dhillon of Define Clinic

Deep Dive into Estate Agents

An Audience with Jeff Doble

Deep Dive into Investor Tax Reliefs for Start Ups

An Audience with Anjan Luthra - Founder Thrillz

Deep Dive into Corporate Groups

An Audience with Cycle Culture

Deep Dive into Fitness Industry

An Audience with Dan Hyman - Eat Look Feel

An Audience with H.I. Executive Consulting

Pensions, Can You Hear Me?

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